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A Light in the Shadows
A Better Place

A minimalistic 2D platformer about a cat with the ability to transform into liquid.

The game has 90 rooms, that are spread across 9 different worlds. It has a minimalistic but colorful style. Along the way the game introduces new mechanics, like flying and summoning bombs to break down walls.

The story is about a cat whose owner locked her in a set of rooms. She desperately wants to get out, but the rooms just keep continuing. Along the way the cat meets a new "friend" and gains new abilities. The story is told through small in game text pieces.
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A better place. Made just for us.

A brand new story, brand new worlds, brand new mechanics. Coming late 2019 to Windows, MacOS, Linux and mobile.

Cats are Liquid: A Better Place is still in its early stages of development.

You can follow the development process via the links below, and check out the current overview of the game's progress using the development timeline right below the links!
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Development Timeline
Please note that the timeline below will change, and currently depicts the best case scenario based on current progress.

It also only covers the broad strokes. Do note that smaller (sometimes equally important tasks) which aren't shown here could also affect the development timeline drastically.
Story Fully Completed
The entire script for the story, meaning events, dialouge and all that, will be locked and are not going to change at all.

(Please note that items marked as "not going to change at all" might be subject to significant changes.)
Completed: December 5th 2018
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Completed: Feburary 22nd 2019
Core of All Rooms
At this point, the core of all rooms should be completed. By "core", I mean the basic room structure and mechanics.
Estimated completion: June 2019
First Properly Playable Mobile Build
I can't think of anything to put here, so you'll just have to use your imagination to come up with something.
Estimated completion: June 2019
Polish - Stage 1
This is the point where things start to really speed up. The core of the game is complete, and all that's left to do is to just polish, polish, polish. Stage 1 will only focus on the rooms themselves.
Estimated completion: July 2019
First Trailer
Everyone's favorite blinking-lights-to-eye-to-brain event of the bunch. It's like a handful of gifs all rolled into one! And it even has sound!
Estimated completion: July 2019
Store Pages
You'd probably want somewhere to get the game from. Steam,, Google Play? That would definitely help with the whole "playing the game" thing that appears to be key point of this entire project.
Estimated completion: July 2019
Polish - Stage 2
Stage 2 will focus on fine-tuning the rooms, visuals, and sound effects.
Estimated completion: August 2019
Demos for Press
By "press" I mean gaming news sites, YouTubers, etc. If you have a smaller YouTuber in mind who could be interested in playing the demo, let me know!
Estimated completion: August 2019
Polish - Stage 3
Stage 3 will focus on all the small (and sometimes quite big) things that were missed during the first two phases.
Estimated completion: August 2019
Completion of Miscellaneous Stuff
Miscellaneous stuff will always be worked on, but this is the deadline for the completion of all those small tasks. Those tasks include: cloud saves, achievements, things like that.
Estimated completion: Late 2019
Release of The Game
The title says it all.
Late 2019
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